Employment and Company Legal Advisor

The First Cycle degree course aims to train professionals able to respond immediately to the needs of the employment market as a result of skills strengthened by carrying out curricular work placements and the use of various methodological approaches. The first two years of the course are in common offering solid cultural, legal and economic preparation from national and supranational perspectives. At the end of this period, students can choose from two alternatives - the Employment and Company Legal Advisor, according to their interest in the relative typifying subjects.


Bachelor's Degree

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Bachelor's Degree

Free access course, TEST SPS

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Free access course, TEST SPS





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Department of Law

​L-14 Legal Services

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​L-14 Legal Services

Study Plan

- Labour consultant
- Industrial relations consultant


The call for Erasmus+ mobility for study for the academic year 2024-25 has been published.

It will be possible to apply from 12.00pm on January the 15th, 2024, to 11.59pm on January the 31st, 2024.

Student Advisory Service

Student representatives

They take part in the Programme Board for problems concerning the teaching.

Degree programme committees

The Joint Programme Board (CCSA) for the first cycle and second cycle degrees in Law is the unified collegiate body responsible for the management of the second cycle degree in Innovation Law and the first cycle degree course in Employment Consultant and Legal Expert in Company Law.

The CCSA consists of all the official professors of the teaching pertinent to the courses concerned, including researchers who teach by assignment or as substitutes and temporary lecturers, and also student representatives who account for a minimum of 15% of the members of the Board (Art. 26 of the Statute).

The teaching regulations specify the organisational aspects of the course, according to the corresponding system, respecting the freedom of teaching and the rights-duties of professors/lecturers and students.


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