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Masters degree programs' students must have minimum curricular requirements as well an adequate personal preparation.

minimum curricular requirements

It is mandatory to have acquired in the preceding university career a minimum number of 55 credits in the following academic fields and disciplines:

- at least 21 credits in one or more of this specific fields: SECS-P/07; SECS-P/08; SECS-P/09; SECS-P/10; SECS-P/11; ING-IND/16; ING-IND/35;
- at least 16 credits in one or more of this specific fields: SECS-P/01; SECS-P/02; SECS-P/03; SECS-P/04; SECS-P/05; SECS-P/06; SECS-P/12; SPS/09;
- at least 9 crediti credits in one or more of this specific fields: IUS/01; IUS/02; IUS/04; IUS/09;
- at least 9 credits credits in one or more of this specific fieldsi: INF/01; SECS-S/01; SECS-S/03; SECS-S/06; MAT/09; MAT/05; MAT/06; MAT/08.

Moreover, it is required an English language certification (among those provided by the Department) or at least three credits in  the scientific-disciplinary field L-LIN/12.

The English language requirement can be considered automatically achieved by students who have attended bachelor's or  master's degree taught in English.

There is a 6 credits tolerance on the verification of the minimum curricular requirements, as long as the specific disciplinary field is still present.


Personal preparation requirements are acquired if the bachelor's degree was obtained with a grade of not less than 95/110.

With a lower grade, it is necessary to take an admission test. The test refers to selected subjects, whose achievement is relevant for the attendance to the master's course.

The admission test takes place twice a year.
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All the information regarding the admission test and the specific bibliography can be found here below.


  • It helps to develop problem-solving abilities progressively and improve the knowledge, abilities and attitude necessary to work in managerial and entrepreneurial roles in industrial and service companies or as business consultants.
  • It enables the choice of two years’ education in Italian and one in English, both aimed at offering the student education in which general and operative knowledge is supplemented according to the perspective of the person preparing to take on managerial roles.
  • It allows the acquisition of effective specialisation in the sphere of one of the fundamental functional areas of business management - Corporate Finance, Marketing, and Production-Logistics. This knowledge can be studied in depth integrating international programmes and placements in Italy and abroad into the student’s education.
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