To be admitted to the Course in "Marketing per il made in Italy" (MaMI), students must have a university degree or a three-year university diploma, or another qualification obtained abroad and recognised as suitable by the competent bodies of the University. 

Moreover, as defined in the Course Didactic Regulations, admission is subject to the possession of minimum curricular requirements and personal preparation requirements.

For admission to the course it is necessary to submit an application when the Notice is issued >>

Minimum curricular requirements

The minimum curricular requirements are represented by a certain number of credits obtained in specific scientific-disciplinary fields. 

In particular, it is necessary to have acquired a minimum number of 55 credits in the study plan of the three-year degree, or as individual courses passed, in the following disciplinary fields: 

  • IUS/01; IUS/04; IUS/5; IUS/09; IUS/13; IUS/14;
  • SECS-P/01; SECS-P/02; SECS-P/03; SECS-P/04; SECS-P/05; SECS-P/06; SECS-P/07; SECS-P-08; SECS-P/09; SECS-P/10; SECS-P/11; SECS-P/12; 
  • MGGR-02; SPS/04; SPS/06; SPS/08; SPS/09; SPS/10; SPS/11;
  • MAT/09; SEC-S/01; SECS-S/03; SECS-S/06; ING-INF/05

An allowance of 6 credits is made for the verification of the minimum curricular requirements, provided that the specific subject area is still present.

The Admission Test

Personal preparation requirements allow direct admission to the course of study and consequent exemption from the admission test.

These requirements are granted to students who, at the time of submitting their application:

  • are in possession of a weighted average of examinations of no less than 23/30 (reference is made to the weighted average present in the student's transcript, for Unibs students the weighted average present in Esse3 is used)


  • have passed the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) with a score (total score) of no less than 600/800.

In the absence of the personal preparation requirements indicated above, and therefore in the absence of direct admission, in order to be admitted, it is necessary to take an admission test referring to the contents of certain subjects, the possession of which is of particular relevance for the effective attendance of the Master's degree course.

For the academic year 2024-25, the admission test will be held at the Mantua site in two editions scheduled on the following dates:
- 1st edition: 2 July 2024 at 11.30 a.m.
- 2nd edition: 17 September 2024 at 11.30 a.m.

The outcome of the test, if positive, is valid for admission to A.Y. 24-25.
Information about the admission test and the specific bibliography can be found in the downloadable file here.
Directions MaMi admission test a.y. 2024-25 >>

Professional outlets

Professional integration can take place:

  •  within the corporate function responsible for managing relations with the national and international market in the various classes of companies, operating in the industrial, consumer and service markets; 
  • in the numerous companies specialising in certain marketing activities, such as consultancy companies, market research companies, communication agencies and so on. In this field, the graduate will be able to take on a wide variety of roles: marketing specialist, marketing strategist, product and brand manager, key account and customer relationship manager, digital manager, sales manager, communication manager, etc..

The study course in MaMI thus prepares for various professions and organisational roles.

According to the Istat classification, these are as follows:

  • Specialists in the acquisition of goods and services - (; 
  •  Specialists in the marketing of goods and services (excluding the ICT sector) - (; 
  • Specialists in marketing in the field of information and communication technology - (; 
  • Market analysts - (
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