PhD activities


The PhD Programme in Precision Medicine aims to train professionals with in-depth biomedical and technological preparation to apply to precision medicine issues, with the aim of generating professionals capable of addressing highly complex technological and medical issues, with multidisciplinary approaches and equipped with the methodological tools and knowledge in advanced strategies necessary for the implementation of patient-centered diagnosis and treatment models.

The PhD Programme offers:

1. High-impact research projects in the various areas of oncology, immunology, genetics and pharmacology both in the field of basic research and in the field of clinical research with particular reference to topics related to bioinformatics and biomedical informatics, the "omics" sciences (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics and interactomics), the identification of biomarkers and personalized drugs, the identification of new disease mechanisms, the development of innovative disease models and the development of advanced diagnostic technologies.

2. Advanced technological learning platforms by using innovative technologies based on the following platforms: in vitro and in vivo imaging; genomics equipped with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS); proteomics; macromolecular interactomics; cellular diagnostics; Zebrafish.

3. Courses and seminars; tutorial activities such as Journal Club and Progress Report on research activities.
4. Training periods in Research Centers of Excellence in Italy and abroad.

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Last updated on: 06/17/2024