Graduating - Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics

The degree is conferred after passing a final test which consists in the presentation of a thesis elaborated in an original way by the student under the guidance of a supervisor, in front of a commission of professors, composed according to the provisions of the University teaching regulations.

Graduation sessions are held in presence in compliance with the capacity of the classrooms.

A.Y. 2023/24

Summer session: from 15 to 29 July 2024

Autumn session: from 11 to 19 October 2024



The student has 10 credits available for the preparation of the degree thesis at clinical or basic university structures, including foreign ones. This activity of the student is defined as a "degree internship"; it must be developed outside the hours dedicated to official teaching activities, must not overlap with those chosen by the student (ADE) and must be requested no earlier than the month of December of the fifth year.

The student who intends to carry out the degree internship in a specific structure must present to the Director a formal request accompanied by his curriculum vitae (list of exams taken and marks obtained in each of them, list of optional activities followed, internships in laboratories or clinics or any other activity performed for training purposes).

The Director of the structure, having consulted the Teachers belonging to the same and having verified the availability of places, accepts the request and entrusts a Tutor, possibly indicated by the Student, with the responsibility of checking and certifying the activities carried out by the Student himself in the structure.

The internship abroad can, upon request, be counted towards the internship for the preparation of the thesis.

The student who has carried out the work of preparing the degree thesis abroad, or in collaboration with international research structures, or who has carried out a period of study abroad, having obtained the consent of the Supervisor, can write the thesis in English. The paper must be accompanied by a summary in Italian. The Supervisor guarantees the quality, also linguistic, of the paper.

Admission to the final test requires the acquisition of all the credits envisaged by the didactic arrangement, with the exception of the 10 that can be acquired with the test itself.

In any case, only students who have certified compliance with the teaching evaluation procedures will be admitted to the final exam.

The graduation exam usually takes place in the months of July, October and March.

The final test for the achievement of the Degree in Dentistry and PD consists in the discussion, in front of an examination commission, of a thesis written in Italian or English, elaborated and drafted by the student in an original way, under the guidance of a teacher and on a topic covered by the disciplines present in the study manifesto.

The degree thesis, the contents of which are presented in the context of a public dissertation, in which the student is able to demonstrate mastery of the method and ability to deal with problems independently and critically, can be compiling or research.

The graduation sessions take place according to the annually approved calendar.

The topic of the thesis can be assigned, at the request of the student concerned, by a tenured professor or a researcher, even with a fixed-term contract, in charge of teaching. When assigning the topic of the thesis, the supervisor also indicates the teacher, researcher or expert in the subject who will perform the functions of co-supervisor.

The assignment of the degree thesis cannot in any way be conditioned by the possession of a particular average in the exams.

The following elements contribute to determining the graduation mark, expressed in 100ths:

a) weighted average

b) involvement in international exchange programmes subject to approval by the CCLOPD: 0.2 per month up to a maximum of 2 points

c) proposed score in the degree session

- maximum 9 points per research thesis                    

                     quality of the thesis from 0 to 5

                     presentation and discussion from 0 to 4

- maximum 5 points for compilative thesis                                                           

                     quality of the thesis 0 to 1

                     presentation and discussion 0 to 4

The grade derived from points a), b) and c) shall be rounded up or down to the nearest whole number.

The overall mark of the degree is determined by the sum of the marks under a - c.

Honours are awarded with the unanimous opinion of the Committee and a mark ≥ 100 of the weighted average.

In order to obtain the mention (commendation) for the thesis the requirements are:

     - starting grade ≥ 107/110;

     - research thesis;

     - a number of commendations equal to 3;

     - be a current regular student;

     - proposal of the supervisor by unanimous decision of the members of the Degree Committee.


Last updated on: 07/05/2024