According Teaching Regulations and the Academic calendar the examination sessions are:

  • February session
  • Easter session
  • June-July session
  • September session
  • Christmas session.

Students can can register for exams from their personal page in Esse3.

Exam dates are also published in the Bacheca appelli d'esame.

Open Badges are digital certificates of soft skills and acquired skills. They are guaranteed by the issuing body and internationally recognised.

Further information on Open Badges can be found at:

Students of the Master's Degree Course in "Sciences and Techniques of Preventive and Adapted Physical Activities" who have actively attended and passed the final exam in LINGUISTIC KNOWLEDGE (ENGLISH) - consisting of the modules in Scientific English-Advanced and Scientific and Academic English will receive the open badge "Effective Communication and Inclusive Leadership in Motor Sciences".

Further information on this Open Badge can be found at:

Last updated on: 04/24/2024