Find out how to attend the degree course, follow lectures, lab courses and internships, take exams, communicate with the professors.


The class schedule is available by clicking on Class Schedule on this page. You will arrive on the Web Agenda where, in addition to consulting the lesson timetable, you will be able to book your place in class.

Please note that by installing the Unibs Calendars APP you will always be updated about changes or suspensions of lessons by notification on your mobile phone. For all the information on the Apps go to the Apps for Smart Devices page >>.

Last-minute notices regarding changes to the lecture calendar (suspensions, rescheduling or changes of lecture rooms, etc.) are published on this page >>


  • Attendance: attendance is not compulsory, but strongly recommended.
  • Propaedeuticity: is indicated in each individual lesson in the Manifesto.


Registration for exam schedules is done through Esse3
Exam dates entered in Esse3 can be viewed on the public page Exam dates board
To find out the dates of exam sessions consult the Didactic Calendar.
To find out the classroom in which your exam is being held consult the EASYROOM page

Last updated on: 07/09/2024