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Pre-assessment for master's degrees and STAR + LMINT grants 2024/25 a.y.


Admission to the course is subject to verification of minimum curricular requirements and personal preparation.

For admission to the course, applications must be submitted upon publication of the Notice >>.

For information regarding the admission to DEM Master's degree and regarding the online presentation of the admission criteria on 28 June 2024 click here >>



To be admitted to the ADSEM Master's degree course it is necessary:

  • to hold a degree or a university diploma of at least three years' duration or another qualification obtained abroad.

In the case of a qualification obtained abroad, the Course Council will assess, upon written request by the interested party, the content of the completed study plan and the fulfilment of the above-mentioned disciplinary requirements for the sole purpose of admission to the personal preparation test.
In addition to meeting the curricular requirements listed in Article 5, point 5.2.1 of the Course Regulations, a candidate with a qualification acquired abroad may be considered eligible for the personal preparation test only if he/she has obtained a Bachelor’s degree mark greater than or equal to 85 out of 110 (or 77 out of 100).

  • to have acquired at least 30 CFU (university training credits) in their previous university career in the following academic disciplines: INF/*, ING-INF/*, MAT/*, SECS-S/*, SECS-P/05, FIS/*, MED/01, M-PSI/03.

An allowance of six credits is made for the verification of the minimum curricular requirements. For the purpose of verifying the minimum curricular requirements, training credits acquired in previous master's degrees, four-year degrees and university masters (provided they result from the degree/master's certificate) may also be used.

Credits used to reach the minimum curricular requirements may not be used to apply for career shortening.

  •  knowledge of English language at least level B2

This requirement is considered fulfilled if at least one of the following conditions is met:

    - attested by the appropriate international certifications of language knowledge presented by the candidates, in accordance with the provisions of Art. 16 of these regulations;

    - the candidate is in possession of B2 level certification issued by the University Language Centre of the University of Brescia, or equivalent proof produced by a Language Centre or Service of an Italian or foreign university;

    - at least 3 CFUs have been acquired in English language teaching during the course of the previous university career;

    - a three-year degree (or equivalent qualification, or higher) has been obtained by acquiring at least 60 CFUs in educational activities carried out in English.


Admission to the Master's Degree Course in Analytics and data science for economics and management of candidates who meet the minimum curricular requirements may only take place following an assessment of personal preparation by a Selection Committee (Art. 5.3 of the Course Regulations).

The assessment of personal competences and skills is based on the academic curriculum (weighted average mark of the examinations, average marks and number of CFUs obtained in the courses falling within the specified fields and consistency with the educational objectives of the Course of Study).

In the case of possession of a Master's degree and/or university master, for the purposes of admission to the Course of Study, the assessment of the curriculum will also take these qualifications into account. The four-year degree, for the sole purpose of verifying personal preparation, is equated with a Bachelor's degree.

The outcome of the verification of personal preparation is considered positive if all the following three conditions are met:

  •  weighted average mark of the exams at the time of enrollment in the admission procedure is at least 24/30;    
  • the average weighted mark of the exams in the academic disciplines INF/*, ING-INF/*, MAT/*, SECS-S/*, SECS-P/05, FIS/*, MED/01, M-PSI/03 is at least 24/30;    
  • the number of CFU acquired in courses in the academic disciplines INF/*, ING-INF/*, MAT/*, SECS-S/*, SECS-P/05, FIS/*, MED/01, M-PSI/03 is at least 44.

In calculating the average referred to in points 1 and 2, a mark of '30 cum laude' is considered equivalent to a mark of 31.

For candidates who do not meet all three of the above conditions, the Selection Committee requires them to take and pass an admission test, which consists of an interview in English.

The result of the test, if positive, is valid for admission to a.y. 24-25.

In the case of possession of a degree obtained abroad, the admission test is compulsory.

The test will be held in two editions:

  •     15 July 2024 at 9.00 a.m.
  •     17 September 2024 at 9.00 a.m.

Candidates who do not pass the admission test in the July edition may participate in the September edition; registration must be made for each of the editions in which you intend to participate.

The procedures for assessing the curriculum, the admission tests, the topics that may be requested during the test, and the thresholds for admission to the course of study are published in the attached document.


A conditional registration in the ADSEM Second Cycle degree course for later ‘registration during the year’ can be made by people enrolled in a course who have not yet obtained the qualification set out for enrolment, even by those who already have the minimum curricular requirements and adequate personal preparation. Conditional registration will no longer be valid if the qualification is not awarded in the sessions held by 31 December, considered for the purpose extraordinary sessions of the previous academic year.

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