The Bachelor of Nursing has a restricted access.

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July - August
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Late September
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Those with a five-year high school diploma or other qualification obtained abroad and recognized as suitable may be admitted to the Bachelor of Nursing.

Admission to the Bachelor's degree program has a restricted access and involves an entrance exam consisting of a nationally-scheduled multiple-choice test.

The Bachelor ensures the training of figures capable of working in all health, social and care settings, in Italy and abroad.
It provides the skills necessary for a solid scientific, cultural and ethical preparation to address the complex nursing care needs of today's population.
It is a professionalizing degree program: the goal is to adequately prepare for entry into the workforce, and the final exam also provides licensure for the profession.
In addition, the profession provides both horizontal and vertical career development through access to post-baccalaureate pathways for coordinating functions and nursing leadership or in research.

Specific training objectives of the course are:

  • Participate in the identification of individual and community health needs;
  • identify the nursing care needs of the person and the community and formulate related goals;
  • plan, manage and evaluate nursing care intervention making use of support staff where necessary;
  • ensure the proper implementation of diagnostic-therapeutic prescriptions;
  • carry out self-education and training activities with regard to students, support staff and new employees;
  • develop research activities aimed at producing new knowledge for the continuous improvement of care;
  • participate in interdisciplinary working groups for citizen care;
  • provide consultation for the development of care services.

Students are provided with an English language course (Medical English) also aimed at understanding scientific literature.
Special attention is paid to the internship, both in terms of the choice of locations and the planning of objectives in relation to the development of theoretical teachings.

Those who earn the degree can practice, in Italy and abroad, within all types of health and welfare services, on a salaried or freelance basis, within public (A.S.L., Hospitals) and private (Clinics, Nursing Homes, Nursing Homes) facilities.

Additional post-graduate study paths are the undergraduate Master's degree and the Master's degree in Nursing and Midwifery Sciences, activated at the University of Brescia.

Last updated on: 04/08/2024