The degree course enables students to become pharmaceutical professionals:

  • ready to cover the new pharmacist role set out by the regional and national health systems; 
  • with adequate knowledge to contribute to the design and development of new drugs in public and private institutions;
  • with the skills necessary to ‘set up their own business’ in the cosmetics, nutraceutics and pharmacognosy fields.

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Single Cycle Master Degree

Type of programme

Single Cycle Master Degree

Restricted access, TOLC-F

Type of admission

Restricted access, TOLC-F





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Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine


Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine

LM-13 Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy

Degree identification category

LM-13 Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy

Study Plan

Teaching is in modules and includes lectures and classroom or laboratory exercises. The vocational workshops and internship promote the application of knowledge learnt during the course.


The call for Erasmus+ mobility for study for the academic year 2024-25 has been published.

It will be possible to apply from 12.00pm on January the 15th, 2024, to 11.59pm on January the 31st, 2024.

Student Advisory Service

The DMMT Orientation Delegate is Prof. Roberto Bresciani.
Prof.ssa Daniela Letizia Uberti; Prof.ssa Daniela Bosisio

Student representatives

Student representatives take part in the Programme Board and give their opinions on educational issues.

Degree programme committees

The teaching regulations specify the organisational aspects of the degree course, indicating the rights and duties of professors/lecturers and students. As the Single Cycle Master’s degree in Pharmacy is a newly-established course, the regulations have undergone a series of amendments and improvements aimed at giving students all the tools necessary for regulating the whole course.


For information on educational activities

Segreteria didattica del Corso di laurea (Educational Services)
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For information on enrolments, fees, transfers, certificates and career

UOCC Segreterie studenti (Student Administration)
Via San Faustino 74/b, 25121 Brescia

Call Center 800 66 34 23

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