The achievement of professional competences is implemented through theoretical and practical training such as to guarantee, at the end of the training course, the necessary competences and their immediate employability in the working environment.

Particularly important, as an integral and qualifying part of professional training, is the practical training activity and clinical internship, carried out under the supervision and guidance of specially assigned professional Assistants and Tutors and in application of the relevant European Union regulations.

Practical training takes place in Hospitals, Hospitals/Universities, Scientific Hospitals and Institutes for Hospitalization and Treatment and in other facilities of the National Health Service and Accredited and Agreed Private Institutions.


In agreement with the University Tutor, it is possible to carry out part of the internship at external facilities that have an agreement with the University.

Below are all the indications to follow in order to start the internship at external facilities.

Last updated on: 05/30/2024