The Bachelor of Physiotherapy has a restricted access.

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July - August

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To be admitted to the course of study in Physiotherapy it is necessary to hold a five-year secondary school diploma or another qualification obtained abroad, recognised as suitable according to current regulations.

The Degree Course in Physiotherapy has programmed access in order to guarantee the quality of the educational offer in relation to available resources. The number of students admitted is determined on the basis of national/local scheduling and the availability of teaching staff, teaching facilities (classrooms, laboratories) and welfare facilities that can be used to conduct professional training activities.
An admission test is required and therefore selection is based on the outcome of the test itself. The test consists of multiple-choice questions (covering: general culture, logical reasoning, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics) and will be taken on the date to be indicated in the announcement.

A three-year degree in Physiotherapy leads to qualification to practice the profession and ensures the possibility of both immediate entry into the world of work and access to master's degree courses that can further enrich the training curriculum.

The competences of the Physiotherapist
The physiotherapist is the healthcare professional who carries out prevention, treatment and rehabilitation interventions and functional assessment procedures in the areas of motor, upper cortical and visceral functions resulting from pathological events of various aetiologies, whether congenital or acquired.

The university training of the Physiotherapist is oriented to:

  • provide technical, relational and managerial knowledge and skills so that he/she can carry out activities aimed at prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and functional assessment procedures in the areas of motor skills, upper cortical functions and visceral functions resulting from pathological events of various congenital or acquired aetiologies, with professional authority and autonomy, for individuals and the community, pursuant to Health Ministerial Decree no. 741 of 14 September 1994;
  • create a closer and more organic relationship between research and clinical practice so that every clinical/rehabilitation decision is based on scientific evidence;
  • acquire the clinical method through problem-based learning.

Objectives of the study pathway:

  • provide the basis for knowledge of biological and pathological phenomena as well as the physiopathology basics necessary to proceed to functional recovery in the various clinical situations on which rehabilitation intervention in the developmental, adult and geriatric age focuses;
  • encourage, through the study of foreign languages, the understanding of scientific literature and the exchange of experiences;
  • contribute to strengthening a rehabilitation culture through the sharing of values and philosophies in order to refine that particular sensitivity that favours the reading of the peculiarities and experiences of the person to be rehabilitated.

Those who obtain a degree in Physiotherapy are professionals in the healthcare area and find employment within the National and Regional Health Service, in private facilities accredited and affiliated with the National Health Service, clinics, rehabilitation facilities and centres, Assisted Health Care Residences, spas and wellness centres, medical and/or multi-specialist outpatient clinics and in the patient's home.

The regulations in force allow the performance of freelance activities in individual or associated professional practices, associations and sports clubs of various types, service cooperatives, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and public or private prevention services.

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