The certificate of attendance, which is necessary for the student to take the relevant examination, is obtained by attending at least 3/4 (equal to 75%) of the lectures.
To fulfill the attendance obligation, this criterion is calculated on the teaching and not on the individual module.
It is left to the holder of the teaching to activate remedial mechanisms to be communicated at the beginning of each course.

As a rule, those who have not obtained a certificate of attendance for each teaching, in the following academic year are enrolled in supernumerary/repeat in the same course year, with the obligation to make up the missing attendance.

Propedeuticity and rules for enrollment in the following year
Signatures of attendance and passing exams by the February remedial session in order to register for the next course year on a regular basis.

Location of teaching activities
School of Medicine and Surgery, Viale Europa 11, Brescia.

Registration for exam appointments is done through Esse3.

Examination dates entered in Esse3 can be viewed clicking here.

As per the Teaching Regulation, the defined periods for exam sessions are:

  • February session, 2 dates;
  • Easter session, 1 dates;
  • June-July session, 2 dates;
  • September session, 2 dates;
  • Christmas session, 1 dates.

To find out the dates of the exam sessions consult the Teaching Calendar (⭡).

This form can be used to justify work absence and has to be signed by the teacher in charge of the examination.

Knowledge is ascertained in accordance with the Course Teaching Regulation or by submission of an International Certification.
See the updated list of recognized language certifications.

Last updated on: 06/13/2024