Find out how to attend the degree course, follow lessons, laboratories and internships, take exams.


Attendance at the educational activities envisaged in the study plan is compulsory.

The certificate of attendance is obtained by participating in at least 2/3 of the teaching activities (lessons and internships).


Find out the start and end dates of the 1st and 2nd semester, the suspension of lessons, the exam sessions (appeals) and the graduation sessions.


The teaching regulation specifies the organizational aspects of the Course of study, according to the corresponding regulations, in compliance with the freedom of teaching and the rights and duties of teachers and students.

Propaedeutic nature of the study plans

The preparatory courses and barriers are regulated in the Didactic Regulations of the Degree Course which you can find on the homepage.
Each Cohort presents its own Didactic Regulations, approved by the Course Council.


Enrollment in the exam sessions takes place via Esse3.

The exam sessions entered in Esse3 can be viewed on the public page Bacheca Appelli d'esame.
The classrooms booked for exams can be viewed on the page: Occupazione aule.

As per the Didactic Regulation, art.15.1 Exam sessions and appeals, the periods defined for the exam sessions are:

February session, 2 appeals;
Easter session, 1 appeals;
June-July session, 3 appeals;
September session, 2 appeals;
Christmas session, 1 appeal.
To find out the dates of the exam sessions, consult the didactic calendar.

The declaration form for taking an exam is published below, which can be used to justify the absence and to be signed by the teacher in charge of the exam.

Certificate of participation in an exam

E' pubblicato di seguito il modulo di dichiarazione sostenimento di un esame che può essere usato per giustificare l'assenza e da far firmare al docente responsabile dell'esame.

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